Live your DASH

 The line etched into a headstone, between the dates of birth and death represents each step we take on earth, and every single breath. For many, it’s just a hyphen, marking time between the years, but in that little dash is a lifetime of laughter, love and tears.

We each create the legacy our dash will someday represent, and decide if the life we’re given is truly lived...or merely spent. Some deem themselves successful if they can spend in large amounts, but how you spend your only dash is all that really counts.

Time steals our days and hours before we recognize the theft and we live each day not knowing how much of our dash is left. Responsibilities of daily life -- the bills, the job, the cash affect the way we choose to use this important little dash. Memories in the making are happening now, and happening here. So take the time to make the time, before they disappear. This is it. This is the show, with no time to rehearse. Minutes move only forward -- never, ever in reverse.

So, don’t spend this time in sorrow, or with bitterness and fear. The future may be uncertain, but right now, your dash is here.


© 2014 Linda Ellis